Wednesday, February 8, 2012

time lapse of me working on FAT MAN - DIRECTOR OF POTATO CHIPS

thanks for the support
MUTE8 griptape/Rob Bennett
i grew up surfing the gulfcoast of Florida, i have endured people saying "there is no surf there" my entire life too.
there is surf anywhere you can find it. there is something about riding a wave that cannot be described. the feeling of true freedom, the rhythm of the ocean. i think being a true surfer isn't about the size of the surf but just being able to paddle out and ride a wave. any wave, wind chop, ground swell and left over ankle slappers. i will always be grateful for the friends that have sat there along side, laughing and enjoying our times in the water.  enjoy your time here and time in the water.
hope to see you all in the water.

Friday, February 3, 2012

hello, Rob B from MUTE8 griptape here. first Blog post for me. working hard on new design. i have been recording and posting some time lapse videos of some new designs with some not-so-PC music in the background. 

until next time

MUTE8 and innovate!!

Rob B.